Electro-pop singer Margot releases anticipated EP, Make It Last


Photographer: Tom Adam Green

London based songstress Margot has released her debut EP Make It Last via Pink Bikini Records. The EP boasts a renowned production team with producer Frank Slimm (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Maevis, Slowlines) and guitarists Andy Bunting and Jamie Chalmers.  

Margot music video for the featured single ‘Slow Down’ was a topic of interest on Sound Lab, they mentioned: “Singer-songwriter Margot whisks the viewer away with her, in her enchanting music video for single ‘Slow Down’.”

Margot talks about the EP: “I was chatting to my producer and going over some of the material we had written and I realised that we had more than enough to do an EP and it just felt like the right time to put my name on something bigger than just a single. My good friend Andy Bunting played bass on three of the tracks, and our mutual friend Jamie Chalmers put guitar on the closing track as well. We recorded most of the tracks over lockdown so we had to do it all over email and sending guitar takes and vocal takes backwards and forwards, but it came out perfectly, and it was definitely a unique creative experience!”

Make It Last EP Tracklist

1. Make It Last

2. Slow Down

3. U In Mind

4. Dance For You

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