Dog really is man’s best friend in 32Stitches’ latest music video


Electronic and future-bass producer 32Stitches has just dropped a video for his uplifting single ‘Fallout’. If you want to watch a music video that really has the ‘aww’ factor, this is the one. The Mumbai-based artist has been going from strength to strength, collaborating and producing remixes for a host of acclaimed DJs and has now released a video for one of his exciting new singles, an original track which has been met with great appreciation from old and new fans alike and was followed by a slew of unique remixes. ‘Fallout’ has an infectious melody and a pulsing rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance; what’s so great about the song is that it has a depth and sentimentality that you don’t often find in a dance hit.

The song and video centres on 32Stitches’ relationship with his dog, Astro, and has the powerful message that lovers may come and go, the whole world may go up in flames (playing on the idea of an apocalyptic nuclear ‘fallout’), but your dog will always love you and be there for you. A true animal-lover, 32Stitches refers to Astro as, “my best friend and full time studio partner.” The quirky and clean animation in the video for ‘Fallout’, animated by Tiara Motion, matches the upbeat and thoughtful mood of the track, and because the video flawlessly doubles up as a lyric video, one can experience and really appreciate the marrying of 32Stitches’ love for production and writing lyrics.

Watch the new video for 32Stitches single ‘Fallout’ below.

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