Take a listen to the latest remix released by DJs The Lifted for Hooked Like Helen’s electro-pop track


Prestigious electronic producers The Lifted have taken alt-pop duo Hooked Like Helen’s ‘Tear This Place Apart’ track and turned it on its head. Released on the 27th of September via Stipp Manor Music, we’re expecting the track to receive noticeable traction in the next few weeks. The track was lifted from their recently released EP Tragedy Of Physics and was premiered via The Playground. You can read the full premiere here.

To give you a full understanding of the impact The Lifted had on the remix, we included the original track as well below. The most prominent introduction The Lifted made was of a thrumming bassline and jagged electronic breaks. You can hear how they cut back on the electric guitar, taking it from the world of electro-pop and bringing it closer to dubstep and trap.

Speaking of the track, Hooked Like Helen said: “Being married to your musical partner is a gift that we wholeheartedly embrace, but there are times when the dynamic can get a little intense!  We wrote ‘Tear This Place Apart’ as an artistic reflection of the moments of total chaos between us, and The Lifted took that tension to new heights with the Remix. The line between life and art is blurred for us, and the ‘Tear This Place Apart’ Remix dives into a tumultuous sea of synths that amplify that feeling of desperation and passion from the original track. We’re humbled to collaborate with such gifted musicians as The Lifted on this song..”

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