DJ Jodie Weston performs in Idris Elba line-up

Tiesto, Don Diablo, Jodie Weston
Tiesto, Don Diablo, Jodie Weston

Jodie Weston, the glamorous blonde model, producer and DJ from London, who rose to fame on TV show Rich Kids Go Skint, has turned around the reality star life to build a DJ empire. She explains: “As much as I am grateful for appearing on the show when I was younger and as it was the initial thing that grabbed peoples attention of my name, I didn’t want to leave it at that. I knew I wanted to use the spotlight being on reality TV gave me to make a proper name for myself as a DJ because I’ve always loved music and wanted to prove my haters wrong.”

Jodie has a huge following of over 130k, has presented a radio show called ‘The Dollhouse Show’ on Flex FM for the last 2 years and recently DJ’d at London super-club Ministry Of Sound where Gareth Emery who has a residency in Las Vegas was the headliner.

Jodie begins: “Throughout my DJ career I’ve had the door shut in my face hundreds of times, I was even attacked on my way to one of my first ever gigs in Ilford east London, but I persevered and tried to keep moving forward. Some people think it’s been easier for me because I had a name in the media beforehand, but in a lot of ways I’ve had to prove myself ten times more than other up and coming DJ’s because people think I’m only where I am because I went on a few tv shows for MTV and channel 5.  I have gone through literal blood, sweat and tears to get where I am. But it has all been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing. The music industry is so cut throat so I literally didn’t take no for an answer and every door that slammed in my face, I would just look for a different path to get to my next goal.”

Having played at epic clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Egg in London, Jodie is landing dream jobs and supporting the likes of Tiesto on Electric Radio and now DJ’d for the one and only Idris Elba! Jodie quotes: “I feel like all my hard work is finally paying off and I keep having these pinch-me moments”

It wasn’t an easy ride for Jodie, she explains: “I was told by loads of people in the music industry I would never make it and even family members that I had “no chance.” I got knocked back so many times by people literally destroying my dreams and telling me I didn’t have a chance and trolls laughing at me. But I kept on going. Being a woman in this industry is hard enough and being a woman who embraces her figure and likes to look glamorous whilst DJ’ing also comes with its own obstacles! I am all about female empowerment and proving everyone wrong. I always keep on going, push past people telling me no, and look at me now. I’ve played alongside A list celebrities who have headlined Coachella! It just shows what you can achieve when you put your mind to it”.

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