Q&A with disco meets dance music producer Matt Lender

PTR Music Inc, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, Matt Lender
PTR Music Inc, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, Matt Lender

Releasing his new track ‘Conversazione’ via PTR Music Inc over the weekend, music producer Matt Lender left our adrenaline pumping. This energetic track is perfect for Saturday nights at the club or your typical Sunday barbeque packed with feel-good sounds. Embarking on a music-producing career in 2013, the young producer received acclaim and admiration from EDM royalty like Hardwell and David Guetta. With tracks like ‘Conversazione’ and other recent releases, the producer pays homage to the era of disco with funk laced beats that leave one with FOMO for times they have may not even experienced. 

We chatted with this disco meets EDM crossover act Matt Lender below.

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Complete the sentence: My Music is…

A combination of old and new. I love using samples, instruments, and sounds that are vintage and give a nostalgic feeling. Yet my mixing and inspirations for songs tend to be modern.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you as an act/artist?

Receiving royalty payments, pffff it’s a right of passage for every artist. Hahaha, I think I don’t have one specific thing I can point out. But in the past few years, it’s been kind of crazy that I’m getting acknowledged more and more by other artists and labels. And even friends and family, it’s cool to sometimes randomly hear from a friend that they like one of my new songs.  

Describe an ideal live-set.

I’ve started out as a DJ and still am. But a lot of the songs I make right now are playable with a band + sampler. It would be amazing to have a live set like Jamiroquai where electronic meets analog. But this is something that would only be possible very far into the future. Since it would need a lot more material than Matt Lender!

But I think it would be the most fulfilling way to perform my music. Also, I work with vocalists from all over the world, most of them I’ve never met in real life. It would be great to get them on stage with me and hang out after the show.

What mood are you trying to evoke with your music?

This changes from song to song, but generally some form of nostalgia. There’s a few songs I’ve made that are dedicated to that feeling. I think it has to do with the fact that I like the sound of the ‘70s too much.

What inspires your lyrics?

So the lyrics come from a sample! I’ve asked some people to translate it, but to this point, the actual lyrics of the song remain a mystery. One that may never be solved!

If it was your last day on Earth, and you knew it. What would you do?

Create my own church, with blackjack and hookers.

Say something inspirational to your fans in closing.

Wait I’ve got fans? But for real, know that you matter, and persue what makes you happy. I might have stolen that line from someone!

‘Conversazione’ features on the Spotify playlist EDM_GROUND.fm

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