Rave hopping music producer Sha Sha Kimbo announces new EP

Adam Beyer, Ellen Allien, Sha Sha Kimbo
Adam Beyer, Ellen Allien, Sha Sha Kimbo

Image credit: drewgurian

Los Angeles native Sha Sha Kimbo undeniably lives for the rave. As exemplified through her every intentional move as a producer, DJ, promotor, radio host and label owner, Sha Sha radiates an unwavering love for amplifying, nurturing and supporting the culture of underground electronic music and the community that surrounds it, with her forthcoming release absolutely no exception to this.

Set for release as a digital download and limited edition cassette tape on August 13, the LA rave staple is happy to announce her debut EP on Evar Records, Total Chaos. A brilliant testament to the cathartic importance of staying up late and getting lost in a buzzing crowd of kindred spirits, Total Chaos harnesses the universal experience of having pent-up energy into massive, angst-ridden breakbeat anthems. Over six tracks, Sha Sha channels the hair-raising spirit of ’90s rave along with her formative experiences with DMZ-via-Low End Theory dubstep and punk rock. Finding her place within LA’s bass music, house, techno and rave scenes while defying easy categorization, Sha Sha personifies the no-rules electronic music ethos behind John Frusciante and Aura T-09‘s Evar Records. To supplement Total Chaos‘ three originals, Lyzza, Machine Girl and LCY provide three raw remixes highlighting various aspects of Sha Sha Kimbo‘s renegade rave spirit.

Drawing from the Los Angeles punk rock and ’90s rave music that soundtracked her youth, Total Chaos personifies how she grew up on the dance floor, showcasing Sha Sha’s tried and true ability to express rich, nuanced emotions through tracks that, first and foremost, can level a warehouse party. Kicking off the vibe on July 30, the EP’s lead single “Save The World” is a perfect representation of this, with the jump-up rave cut employing a megaton breakbeat and sickly-sweet vocal samples over simmering base of dark, UK-influenced atmospherics. From the late night energy of the title track to the euphoric, dawn-breaking feel of “Limited Perfect,Total Chaos offers the refuge of a robust dance floor with the warm reassurance to be one with the universe. 

Rounding out Total Chaos EP are three remixes that amicably and serendipitously support Sha Sha Kimbo’s visionary aim to both explore the unknown and bring people together along the way. Brazilian-born, Amsterdam-based powerhouse Lyzza adds a full verse and a nest of serrated rhythms to her version of “Total Chaos,” while New York’s Machine Girl applies their trademark punk electronics approach to “Save The World.” Meanwhile, Bristol’s own LCY hollows out “Limited Perfect” into a haunting amalgam of post-punk minimalism and low-frequency pressure. A study of the opposing light and dark energies of underground dance music, Total Chaos presents a breakbeat-heavy vortex, sure to awaken everyone’s inner raver. 

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