Dance-pop singer Agnes loses inhibitions with song ‘Here Comes The Night’

Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Dagny, Agnes
Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Dagny, Agnes

                                                                Image credit: Fredrik Etoal

With an album on the way on the 22nd of October via Universal Music Sweden, singer Agnes leaves us feeling like we are invincible with the new dance-pop gem ‘Here Comes The Night’. Releasing a chart-topping international hit as well as a top-charting album in the last few years, Agnes proves to be a dynamite act yet again with this latest offering.

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Fronting splendidly eccentric swag in 2021, Agnes previously elaborated on the meaning of the track and video ‘24 hours’ via socials:  “When we need to process a dramatic change in our life, we go through different stages of emotion. The video for 24 hours is based on that journey, and the different personalities that it brings to light. All tailored to help us cope with everything from sadness and frustration to anger and grief. It’s not pretty, but without them we wouldn’t be rewarded with the powerful energy that then helps us move forward”

‘Here Comes The Night’ feels similar to these themes that embrace setting yourself free emotionally. This track in particular also focuses on losing your inhibitions and letting yourself make decisions that feel right at the moment.  Whether that is going on that bad date or buying that overpriced coat, we need to let ourselves try out new things and make mistakes in order to grow and flourish.

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