REVIEW: Futurepop singer Maria Domark unveils engaging debut EP

Grimes, Poppy, Ashnikko, Maria Domark
Grimes, Poppy, Ashnikko, Maria Domark

                                       Artwork credit: Daniel Ben Shimonimage

 Maria Domark proves to be more than just an aesthetically engaging persona after releasing her debut EP Flawless via P.O.F CORP today. Flawless sees the artist blossom as an individual as she shares her highs and woes of being in the public eye through a future pop sound fusion. Her refreshingly rebellious sound calls to mind the works of boundary-pushing acts like Poppy and Ashnikko.

Stream / Download: Flawless EP

‘Not Alright’ starts off the EP as a badass intro that refuses to bow down to expectation. The songstress engages us with direct lyrics and fiery beats. ‘Rumors’ and ‘Mieway’ continue the thoughts the singer has had about feeling suppressed to be herself in the past, and these three tracks celebrate her coming out of her shell and telling those who mistreated her to back off and let her claim her own space in the present. ‘Haunted’ takes a more meek approach as the singer shares that she still has a bit of trauma to work through, and that is a mature decision for an influence to share with the public and the devoted followers that have been with her from the beginning. 

This track gives Maria Domark a more relatable appeal for sure as she shows her vulnerable side. ‘Amazing (Kanye cover)’ beautifully ends off the EP, with its upbeat conclusion. To me, it feels like art imitating life, as we know that the condition of being human has many lows but it will not be storming on oneself forever no matter how hopeless things may seem right now.

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