TGC take us on an electro-pop journey through time and space with latest album

TGC, Electric Youth, Chromatics and Blue Hawaii

There’s been an album smouldering at the back of our minds for the past few years. It’s a little more mellow than what we usually support but each release has intrigued us a little bit more. TGC have slowly been sharing their ethereal album, Parallels song by song, with a small sliver of the magic gifted to their listeners with each release. As today is the official release day for the duo, we figured what better timing to give you a blow by blow of some of our favourite songs?

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The first song, ‘Sophie’ sets the tone for the album, inspired by aliens and the longing for repeat encounters and encased in shimmering electro-pop. ‘Dreamers’ follows a similar day-dream tone with a few more upbeat elements that inspired a remix from the Lithuanian producer Embody. ‘Symbiotic’ gave us chills with its dark “push and pull” elements that carry the listener into pure temptation. Who needs to make good choices when you’ve got tantalising codependency? 

‘Secret Wedding’ left listeners dying with curiosity. What important piece of info had fans missed? However, the paradoxical nature of the single means we will never know – only speculate to the romantic tones. The previously unreleased title track, ‘Parallels’ follows a similar path of mysticism and surrealism as the two explore the theory of multiple lifetimes running adjacent to one another.  

Overall, the album manages to find the sweet spot between romance, fantasy, philosophy and intrigue. We thoroughly recommend checking out TGC’s Parallels in the link below. Which song is your favourite?

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