DJ Joris Delacroix performs latest song at iconic Montpellier Opera

Jon Hopkins, Trentmøller, Lapalux, Joris Delacroix, CEBB
Jon Hopkins, Trentmøller, Lapalux, Joris Delacroix, CEBB

 Photo Credit: Guilhem Canal 

Always evolving with each release, music producer Joris Delacroix has made his mark known once again with his latest video ‘Need Your Attention’ which sees the producer performing the track alongside friend and fellow collaborator CEBB. Filmed in the world-renowned opera house Montpellier Opera, the video captures the two performing alongside each other amidst an empty theatre space. This does create tension but of the good kind with the contrast of technology being set up in the dated monument feels delightfully alien for the spectator. It is an engrossing watch nonetheless, as we soak up the upbeat energy of these two acts as they perform the track like nobody is watching. 

Stream / Download: ‘Need Your Attention’

Delacroix is known for putting on a good show for electronic music lovers, his recent performance at  Cercle’s Rooftop series took definitely took away the damper on any cloudy day you were having before. ‘Need Your Attention’ is a big leap from mellow track ‘Early Hours ft. Run Rivers’, we are left to focus on more textures and development in the arrangement of notes this time around. One element  that will always remain in Delacroix’s palette will be his infinite love for electronic exploration and standing out from his peers as a risk-taker and adventurous spirit.

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