Club music duo Space Rangers shares banger ‘GUCCI LOUIS’

Duke Dumont, MK, Space Rangers
Duke Dumont, MK, Space Rangers

LA-based duo Space Rangers, consisting of long-time friends Christian Dold aka Diamond Pistols and Daniel Spool aka SNEEK, are making their Ultra debut with new track “GUCCI LOUIS.” Together, the certified hit maker producer and LA-based clothing brand creator 

form a battle-tested duo, that has been quietly building buzz and interest from the industry’s biggest players. The first of several singles to come from Space Rangers, “GUCCI LOUIS” is a straight up VIBE. The beat is super catchy, featuring deep, warped background tones and varied instrumentals. The vocals are deep and monotone, pairing well with lyrics that read “I got my diamonds, bust down, shit look like jacuzzi, Pull up in the space coupe rocking Gucci Louis.” This track is definitely one to add to your summer playlist. Space Rangers’ music is meant to be very meme-based and fun, as the duo envisions it being their exciting side project, eventually wanting to go on tour.

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