Russian electronic artist Ka Fu collaborates with pianist Saughtons


Electronic artist Ka Fu Dances to his own tune again, with his song ‘Beautiful Noize’ featuring pianist Saughtons. The single will feature on his new album. Russian artist  Ka Fu throws genre constraints away, as he believes that it clouds his creativity, and also because of the fact that he does not see himself as a musician at all. 

Ka Fu talks about ‘Beautiful Noize’, “You will be surprised but this is my collab with the piano player Saughtons however there is no piano in that song. Everything was transferred from the piano notes to the synth sounds and that’s how Beautiful Noize was born. Means we don’t even know how like we were playing in our favourite sandbox with a certain mood to experiment and create something fresh and interesting.”

Amidst the free form of creativity, Ka Fu and Saughtons manage to deliver a  sound reminiscent of 90’s electronic character to the song.

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