Gregor Tresher Works His Magic on ADRIANNA’s ‘Wild Electric’


Gregor Tresher, renowned German DJ and producer, released a dynamic remix of ADRIANNA‘s latest techno track, ‘Wild Electric’, via her label Temple House Music on July 5th, 2024. Tresher, a fixture in electronic music since his Frankfurt beginnings in the ’90s, brings his signature sound to enhance ADRIANNA‘s vibrant production. ADRIANNA, known for her impactful blend of vocals and club-ready beats, has garnered acclaim with residencies worldwide and a notable presence in both music and film, including a lead role in the Cannes-premiered movie Bloodline.

ADRIANNA‘s original track ‘Wild Electric’ surged to #5 on the Beatport charts post-release, showcasing its high-energy acid tech sound. The track features pulsating, distorted rhythms, trippy synth layers, acid stabs, subtle pop vocal samples, and a powerful four-on-the-floor kick. Gregor Tresher‘s remix skillfully pays homage to the original while adding his touch of lighter, more melodic elements and organic tones. Retaining the hard-hitting rhythm, Tresher‘s version evolves into a subtle yet hypnotic reinterpretation of the energetic original, offering a refreshing twist on the blistering banger.

Gregor Tresher shared: “I really liked the vocals of the original track when I got the remix request, and thought it would be interesting to put them over an instrumental that’s kinda big room/warehouse sounding, so that’s what I aimed for with my remix”.

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