Ed is Dead taps AI to create ‘Wolfram Alpha’ song

Ed is Dead, Bicep, Fred Again.., Ross for Friends, Overmono
Ed is Dead, Bicep, Fred Again.., Ross for Friends, Overmono

Ed is Dead is at the forefront of technological development. The Spanish producer has recruited the aid of the Artificial Intelligence program Wolfram Alpha to compose his latest offering, an atmospheric single titled by the very name of the AI program. 

Stream / Download: Ed is Dead – ‘Wolfram Alpha’

Signed to Idioteque Records, ‘Wolfram Alpha’ sounds futuristic. With blips and bleeps that float like motes of dust and the periphery of our hearing, it seems to be calculating, developing new sonic connections as the song progresses. This generates an unnamable emotion – a feeling somewhere between ominous terror and unbounded hope. 

Delving into detail, Ed Is Dead tells us how he created the song: “Wolfram Alpha is a kind of online search engine that uses a computational and natural language approach to generate answers to questions, a bit like a ‘proto chatGPT’. Actually, when I started to write the song, the main voices (that are, in part, generated with AI virtual singers) said, ‘I don´t fight it, but I don´t see the sunlight’ like someone who lives.”

Tour Dates:

07 July – (Cultural Event), Albania

16 Sept – Cuerpo Romo Festival, Teatros del Canal – Madrid, Spain

29 Sept – Entropia Festival, Zaragoza, Spain

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