Extraordinary twosome KRONO remix KARMACODA’s single ‘Deja Vu’

KRONO, Oliver Heldens, Nora En Pure, Duke Dumont
KRONO, Oliver Heldens, Nora En Pure, Duke Dumont

Image credit: © Eve Robert

The skilled electronic duo KRONO dropped their latest single ‘KARMACODA – Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’ under Sola Musa Music on the 30th of September. KRONO has had a flourishing musical career, particularly, the twosome’s successful remix of Aaron Smith’s record ‘Dancin’.

Stream / Download: KARMACODA – ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’

The single’s extensive bass and classy House beat produce a track that is distinctive through its delineation of the melody of the track in a way that is often found in pure instrumental tracks. The distinction of the track is perceived when the bass starts steadily at the beginning of the track and then transforms into a piece that is drenched in synth instruments, particularly the urgent pulsing guitar concluding an awesome creation.  

KRONO relays the musical inspiration that led to the creation of their latest single “The KARMACODA – Deja Vu (Krono Remix) is somewhere between experimental world house music and electronic music. Driven by a deep ‘80s bass, Jessica Ford’s sensual voice gently sets the mood and atmosphere of the track, which slides into a kind of modern melodic house track”.



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