Eclectic pop singer NAVA shares captivating song ‘Gaz’

Arca, Grimes, NAVA, MØ
Arca, Grimes, NAVA, MØ

        Image credit: Matteo Strocchia and Marco Servina

An eclectic blend of sound, singer NAVA’s new track ‘Gaz’ is a divine example of how you can let the music and mood guide you and create magic in the process. The singer incorporates future pop and avant-garde elements into this lively track. Speaking of lively, the singer is also known for her intricate live shows that are known to be visually stimulating like her performance. 

Stream / Download: ‘Gaz’

The musician previously shared her excitement for the release on socials, and also hints at a live video for ‘Gaz’ ?: “Welcome to NAVA world where we let magic roam. GAZ’s studio session had a special spark, We even ended up keeping the chorus I recorded then and there! Can’t wait for you to hear it!…”

An equally visually orientated artist, we have no doubts whatever NAVA is going to reveal next will match up with her freeform sound that is enticing and always captivating. An exciting act that is not afraid to channel her femininity and vulnerability into her sound, we are absorbed and moved by it. 

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