Dive into MARIA Die RUHE’s glamourous avant-pop ‘Superrare’ world

MARIA Die RUHE, Robyn, Tove Lo and MØ

Now, you wouldn’t tell it based on most of our content, but we’ve got a soft spot for music that’s able to pair social commentary with a rhythmic beat. Which is why MARIA Die RUHE is hitting all the right notes with her latest single, ‘Superrare’ released today via Reduced To The Root. The singer recreates an over-glamorised world one gold bar at a time, as she uses humour to delve into the issue of plastic pretentiousness that can plague the world. 

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MARIA Die RUHE forces us to ask ourselves the real questions, saying: “Are we really what we seem to be? Taking a glimpse at our over–optimised world that screams for success and individualization – do we all need to be super rare, super fancy, and super perfect? Doesn’t this just make us distanced and perfectly damaged? I created this song on the edge of capitalism and capitulation. Beneath the surface, there is always a human being and it might be worth taking a second look at who a person really is. Maybe this reality is even more interesting than a seemingly needed perfectionism.”

The artist has a talent for exploring new genres as her previously released single, Skin takes a completely different direction as it tackles body dysmorphia. A shout out should also go to AFTERHOUR in which a similar quirky style is explored. In the end, the artist says it best when she tells us, Art Is The Only Real Translation Of Living For Me. Either way, we’ll be keeping a close eye on her Youtube channel moving forward. Catch the video for ‘Superrare’, directed by Knut Holburg below 

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  Image credit: Arvid Wünsch