Music producer Axel Thesleff shares bass-fuelled remix

M.I.A., Fakear ,CloZee, Axel Thesleff, ShiShi
M.I.A., Fakear ,CloZee, Axel Thesleff, ShiShi

    Image credit: Tony Nicholson

Renowned Finnish composer and beatmaker Axel Thesleff has teamed up with artist ShiShi to share a reworked version of the 2020 hit ‘Sajani 2.0 (feat. Ben Parag)’. ShiShi originally composed the track along with New York vocalist Ben Parag. ShiShi previously mentioned that the original mood of the track speaks the truth about his own life, as he was experiencing a difficult breakup and wanted to relay that pain into a song. The original and remix both translate pain and inner turmoil in their melancholic tone, one does not need to understand the words in order to be emotionally engaged by them.

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Axel Thesleff previously shared on social media: “I teamed up with ShiShi @shishimusic to take his track Sajani (feat. Ben Parag) to the next level, so we named it Sajani 2.0. Ben’s @benparag vocal performance is incredible and so powerful in this song, it was a real treat to create harmony underneath his Indian melodic sensibilities. I think the end result is really epic, but it also has that summery groove in the drops that gets your feet moving. It’s a contrasting dialogue between more dramatic parts and lighter, dancier parts.”

Axel adds a more dancefloor orientated energy to this track with unapologetic bass notes throughout. The music producer has worked with the likes of globally renowned dancefloor acts like  Deadmau5, ZEDD, Paul Van Dyk and Alt-J in recent years. This latest offering shows a bit of a softer side to Axel as he puts emphasis on the lyrical content of this track, making one feel a rollercoaster of emotions. 

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