Paul & Shark announces new 90’s rave releases via Free Time Discs record label

FFO: The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Paul & Shark

Image credit: Maud Saddock

Months of lockdown boredom and a lack of nightclubs, house parties and festivals, chemically reinforced togetherness and gurns, has resulted in a new 12” by Paul & Shark.

The first single from the record titled ‘Roxanna_Break_Stuff’ incorporates memories of acid bright neons, baggy trousers and bucket hats. Pumping drums, funky synth work and a standout vocal edit makes this one a unique and catchy piece of rave music culture.

The track comes accompanied with a remix by Japan’s rising UK garage producer Stones Taro, who’s been featured lately in several places with his on target vinyl releases and precise DJ mixes.

Previous Paul & Shark releases have been favourites by such names as Shadow Child, India Jordan, Black Girl White Girl, Violet, Asquith, Chrissy, Skatebard, Denham Audio, L Major, High Class Filter, etc. Vinyl is pressed and distributed by Lobster Records and digitals are available.

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