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Cosmic Pineapple – Pioneering Festival Moves To Ibiza’s Cova Santa Under New Theme – Sirius


As a pioneer in the Ibiza wellness meets party scene, Cosmic Pineapple is more than just a party. Revelers can expect a creative consciousness experiment filled with trademark festival vibes, whilst dancing under the sun and beneath the stars as the evening takes hold. Wellness areas showcase diverse healing modalities, interspersed with live music, art installations and boutique and creative craft markets. Cosmic Pineapple actively promises a magical fusion between the weird and wonderful. Daytime music will be soundtracked by artists including Nightmares On Wax, Heidi, Osunlade, and Prins ThomasCosmic Pineapple is a staple to this summer’s events, with its healthy mix of innovators within the electronic music movement, sacred live music celebrations, art, creativity and wellness activities. All combined in service to make you dance, enhanced by music and island magic.

Every Cosmic Pineapple event supports a chosen charity, with a portion of each ticket sold contributing to the cause. To date, they have raised over 60,000 euros for various global charities, including those focused on war relief, ocean clean-up, mental health, animal welfare, and earth healing projects. This year’s event will raise funds for Brian Eno’s EarthPercent charity, dedicated to addressing the climate and nature crises. Now In its 9th year of operation, Cosmic Pineapple continues to grow as a recognised island beacon for quality music and creative expression.

Kim Booth (Cosmic Pineapple curator) shares: “I am so excited to move Cosmic Pineapple to Cova Santa, this space and the concept of cosmic feel a perfect match. The Cosmic Pineapple events are curated in such a way that it’s a meeting of different cultures, tribes and traditions. I am originally from a council estate in England, where everything is incredibly raw and real. I also have a strong spiritual connection that was first awakened on the dancefloor… Mostly through music, I have been very fortunate to travel around the world and this, alongside a fascination for esoteric learning, has led me to receive teachings and inspiration from different schools of wisdom. I weave all this together in the energy of the curation of Cosmic Pineapple and it’s this mix of energies that make it special.”

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MEDUZA – Italian electronic trio unveil the new music video for their latest UEFA EURO 2024 Official Song ‘FIRE’ alongside fellow GRAMMY® nominated OneRepublic, and German singer-songwriter Leony.


In just two years after forming in 2019, MEDUZA became the most streamed Italian artist in the history of music, surpassing 21 billion collective streams. MEDUZA have led the charge in returning house music to daytime radio across the globe with great success. The three-piece consisting of musicians, producers and DJs Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale and Simone Giani, released their first single ‘Piece of Your Heart in 2019, and it became a global smash, with over a billion cumulative streams. MEDUZA has since provided the creative canvas for collaborators including Ed Sheeran, Dermot Kennedy, Florence Welch, Hozier and Becky Hill. They’ve had number 1 Dance hits in the US, and have achieved multi-diamond, platinum and gold certifications across the globe and even a GRAMMY nomination to boot, with no signs of slowing down.

The video is a celebration of football across Europe, showcasing the most memorable and joyous moments throughout the years. It features highlights from football legends like Christiano Ronaldo, Phil Foden, Federico Chisea, Kevin Debruyne, and Luka Modric. Directed by Kevin Ferstl and shot across Miami and Berlin, the video excites fans for this summer’s UEFA EURO 2024 competition while inspiring younger generations to join in with the sport. 

MEDUZA comments: “Now more than ever, the power of music to unite us all is undeniable. We’re so excited to see the release of ‘FIRE’, the official anthem for UEFA EURO 2024 and hope the song ignites the passion of football and music enthusiasts worldwide and brings them together in celebration. We’re pumped for the tournament to kick off and to light up the stage!”

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LP GIOBBI – Celebrated DJ, producer, pianist and activist returns with NEW SINGLE “FEEL” feat. Jacob Banks.


LP Giobbi, along with being Global Music Director for W Hotels and selected as a Spotify EQUAL Ambassador, her music has amassed over 340+streams across platforms. She has over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify , and has been tipped as DJ Mag’s producer of the year, spotify RADAR’s Artist to Watch, Amazon’s Artists to Watch, TIDAL’s Artist to Watch 2023 and NPR/Public Radio’s Favorite New Musicians of 2023. Top festival appearances include Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Tomorrowland and Electric Forest, and LP Giobbi has supported iconic artists like Pete Tong, Black Coffee, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, Dead & Co, and frequent collaborator Sofi Tukker

‘Feel’ starts with LP Giobbi’s trademark piano, a dancing melody over a moody, hard-charging beat, with Banks singing a refrain of: “Oh I need this feel forever / I get high on you.”  ‘Feel’ is the latest release in a prolific period of collaborations and new music – including recent remixes of Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” and Calvin Harris“Lovers In A Past Life.”  Stay tuned for more news and music. 

LP Giobbi shares about ‘Feel’“Getting to collaborate with artists outside of the dance space is always amazing, but to be able to work with Jacob Banks was a dream come true. His voice transcends genres and it allowed me to really get creative when building the track around his vocals. A new chapter starts now, I hope you enjoy!”

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The Chainsmokers – Dynamic duo release new EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ & launch three official videos + lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.


GRAMMY® Award-winning and chart-topping artist/producer duo The Chainsmokers proudly present their brand new No Hard Feelings EP, out now via RCA Records UK.The Chainsmokers set the scene for No Hard Feelings with Addicted (with Zerb and Ink), which has over 37 Million streams to date and currently sits at #5 on the Dance Airplay chart. They followed with the release of Friday with GRAMMY® nominated R&B singer and songwriter Fridayy, which UPROXX said “feels like waking up on a Friday morning and remembering it’s Friday”, and added that “The Chainsmokers still know how to make a banger.

With No Hard Feelings, Alex and Drew made a conscious decision to hyper focus on the dancefloor and leveled up once again with a set of 6 club-ready anthems. Throughout the project, they conjure the high-octane energy of their early days with a keen sense of refinement and experience. Celebrating the new EP, the guys have released official videos for new tracks ‘Bad Advice’ with Elio, ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Green Lights (demo)’, all of which bring them back to the snowy mountain landscape. Plus, a special lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.

On the single ‘No Shade At Pitti’, neon keys chime above the murmur of a warbling bassline and nostalgic verses before a frenetic dancefloor-ready beat takes hold. On the other end of the spectrum, guitars and smoky keys simmer beneath the surface of the buoyant ‘Bad Advice’, which features ethereal vocals from Canadian pop artist Elio. Glitchy claps and a glistening loop volley across ‘Tennis Court’, while warm lo-fi electro tones glow through emotionally charged verses on ‘Green Lights.’

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The subversive SUBFICTION shares a blistering single ‘we_glitch’

Credit: Niek Hage

Versatile Dutch producer SUBFICTION unveiled a new single, ‘we_glitch’, on April 26th, 2024 via On Track / SUBFICTION. ‘we_glitch’, which premiered via Electronic Groove, is an appetizer for his forthcoming EP of the same name, slated for release in May 2024. Since the project’s inception in 2022, the year in which he notably played an official after-show for Ross From Friends, the elusive SUBFICTION has been making waves in the music industry with no signs of slowing down. He has toured the Netherlands alongside De Likt and legendary travelling festival The Popronde as 3voor12 talent, and performed at festivals like Grasnapolsky, Motel Mozaïque and Eendracht Festival, as well as many underground clubs. In 2023, SUBFICTION hosted a festival stage together with Irish DJ/producer Kessler’s new label Elicit Records. Unstoppable, in January 2024 the elusive maestro participated in Eurosonic Noorderslag and was awarded the number 12 of best acts by 3voor12. Influenced by experimental electronic luminaries like Aphex Twin and Overmono, his sound is sure to be enjoyed by fans of the aforementioned as well as those of Four Tet, Bicep and Fred Again

‘we_glitch’ is an epic piece of Future Garage music, with SUBFICTION deftly drawing influence from UK warehouse styles. A distorted, gritty breakbeat carries a contrastingly delicate synth that weaves around the groove. Dreamy, atmospheric chords are occasionally punctuated by glitchy, pitched-up vocals, creating a hypnotic listen that is impossible not to move to.

SUBFICTION shared: “‘we_glitch’ is my sonic journey through the glitchy heart of underground house. It’s where skittering breakbeats meet twisted vocals and the ethereality of future-garage, creating a hypnotic groove that’ll have you lost in the glitch with me, the mysterious glitchmeister, aka SUBFICTION.”



iFeature’s Revamped Dubstep Version of Britney Spears’ ‘Gimme More’ Sets the Bar High


In a captivating fusion of nostalgia and contemporary flair, the innovative German producer iFeature has injected fresh energy into Britney Spears’ timeless hit ‘Gimme More’, offering a dubstep bootleg rendition. This homage not only nods to the classic old-school Skrillex style, but also effortlessly integrates modern dubstep elements. This inventive remix has ignited enthusiasm among fans of both the original pop anthem and the early 2010s dubstep scene, demonstrating iFeature’s knack for harmonizing diverse musical epochs. The prolific young producer will be releasing his third album, Forbidden, on April 26, 2024. Follow him below to be sure you don’t miss it!

A Fresh Take on a Nostalgic Classic 

iFeature’s remix delves into the raw, bass-driven sounds that propelled Skrillex to stardom in the early 2010s. Opening with the familiar seductive vocals of ‘Gimme More’, the track unfolds against a backdrop of understated beats, teasing the impending dubstep frenzy. With anticipation mounting, iFeature seamlessly transitions into a high-octane segment, merging classic dubstep elements like wobble basslines and aggressive synths with polished, contemporary production techniques. This fusion yields a sound that is simultaneously evocative of the past and invigoratingly novel, captivating both seasoned dubstep aficionados and fresh ears alike.

The Challenge of Blending Eras

iFeature took on a challenge: crafting a track that honors and rejuvenates the essence of both Britney Spears’ pop legacy and Skrillex’s dominance in the realm of dubstep – a considerable undertaking. Through meticulous curation of elements emblematic of early dubstep—the raw, visceral energy, and the inventive manipulation of bass and synth—and blending them with the refined, intricate production standards of contemporary music, iFeature has forged a remix that shines amidst the abundance of electronic music out there today.

The Response

iFeature’s bootleg rendition of ‘Gimme More’ has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. They commend the track for its ability to evoke nostalgia for the golden era of dubstep while also recognizing its evolution. This remix not only showcases iFeature’s prowess as a producer but also underscores the timeless appeal of Britney Spears’ music and the enduring influence of Skrillex’s pioneering work. Music critics have observed that this remix could herald a resurgence of interest in dubstep, a genre that had a chokehold on the electronic music scene in the early 2010s that has also undergone various transformations over the years. By illustrating how the raw essence of early dubstep can harmonize with contemporary sounds, iFeature may inspire a new generation of producers to explore and innovate within the genre.

Closing Thoughts

iFeature’s dubstep rendition of ‘Gimme More’ stands as a vivid testament to music’s enduring ability to progress and motivate across different generations. This track pays homage to its origins while embracing innovation, providing listeners with an exhilarating journey through the evolution of dubstep and pop. In an era where musical boundaries increasingly dissolve, visionaries like iFeature pave the way, demonstrating that through creativity and reverence for tradition, the horizons of musical exploration remain boundless.

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Meduza drops new single, ‘Dola Re Dola’


Electronic group MEDUZA have collaborated with Indian singer Varun Jain on new single ‘Dola Re Dola’, out today via The Cross/Island Records. Beyond the dancefloor and into the world of football, MEDUZA have united with OneRepublic and German pop icon Kim Petras to create the official UEFA EURO 2024 song, capturing the shared spirit of football and music.

Forever pushing the boundaries of genres, ‘Dola Re Dola’ is an explosive, tribal-esque dancefloor anthem that injects new life into Varun Jain’s original track from the Indian film Devdas. The official release of ‘Dola Re Dola’ is the result of a rapturous reaction from the crowd at Mumbai’s Lollapalooza 2024, where the group premiered the track.

On the single, the group said “Releasing ‘Dola Re Dola’ means a lot to us. The incredible response from playing it at Lollapalooza blew us away and proved music’s power in bringing people together. We cannot wait to play it out this year to our fans across the world!”

Earlier this year the trio announced the news that ‘Our House’ – their collaborative club concept with James Hype – takes on DRUMSHEDS, Saturday 27th April. The headline show will be the biggest Our House show to date and the London debut for the brand. Alongside this groundbreaking show, the trio have further upcoming shows in the US and South America. 

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Club Angel unleashes latest banger, ‘Cry’


Hot on the heels of his sold-out debut national headline tour, fast-rising Eora/Sydney producer, DJ and underground sensation Club Angel released his latest single, Cry’, via Astral People Recordings on 16 November 2023. Channelling the likes of Two Shell and Overmono, ‘Cry’ is a rave-flickered, melancholic hyper-ballad, blending brisk UKG rhythms with lurching, melodic house and an irresistible, pitch-shifted vocal sample – “Why should I be the one to have to cry at night?”. It’s yet another exceedingly impressive display from a producer who is fast-building a reputation for trading in precise and tightly-wound, stylish dance music that is as equally adept at dipping into the emotional as it is the exultant, balancing underground influences with an inherent pop nous. 

‘Cry’ arrives as the capstone to a breakout 2023 for the prodigiously talented producer and DJ, following recent single ‘Stylin” and ‘Ride For Me’, his collaborative single with Kamilaroi-Samoan artist Becca Hatch. Pitting two of Australia’s most promising next-gen prospects together for a match made in club heaven, ‘Ride For Me’ was met with rapturous acclaim across the board, premiering on Good Nights with Latifa Tee and earning full rotation across triple j and FBi Radio to go with praise from ACCLAIM, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats, The Music, Music Feeds and a nomination for ‘Song Of The Year’ at FBi Radio’s 2023 SMAC Awards. 

Off the strength of those two singles, Club Angel’s incendiary live sets have ripped through Australia’s underground dance scene this year like a word-of-mouth wildfire, his ceaseless momentum culminating in his debut national headline ‘Stylin’’ tour, bringing his signature, stuttering 2-step beats and hypnotic melodies to a whole new level with sold-out performances in Eora/Sydney, Naarm/Melbourne, Ngunnawal/Canberra and more. Most recently, he was announced as support for ‘B.O.T.A. (Baddest of Them All)’ hitmaker Interplanetary Criminal’s sold-out Naarm/Melbourne show on Saturday, November 25th. 

Heavily inspired by late 90’s UK dance music, Club Angel explores the moodier side of 2-step, Jungle and Garage with tight drums, sampled orchestral stabs and melancholic vocals, distilling the energy of “a time when dance music was extremely raw and unforgiving.” Released in 2022, his exultant, rave-ready debut EP, 6AM, garnered support from triple j Unearthed, ACCLAIM, Skope Mag, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers and more, alongside rotations adds at FBi Radio, RTR FM, SYN FM and airplay across triple j, BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. 6AM earned praise from around the dance world, winning Club Angel fans in luminaries ranging from Anz, Breaka, Pangaea, Laurent Garnier, Good Nights’ Latifa Tee, and Future Dance’s Sarah Story and Northeast Party House, for whom he provided a remix of their ‘Cranky Boy’ single, while his bootleg edits have been played out by everyone from Mall Grab to KETTAMA

Since first exploding onto the scene with his showcase at BIGSOUND 2022, Club Angel’s irrepressible and ecstatic live set has seen him take the underground Australian DJ and dance circuit by storm. Regularly putting in show-stopping sets at Lost Sundays and delivering a highlight Pitch Music & Arts Festival set that has already accrued near-mythic status, Club Angel has also landed support slots for techno star Willaris. K on his national ‘Slow Down’ tour, UK house producer KETTAMA, hotly-hyped Naarm/Melbourne DJ Sam Alfred on his ‘Suzuka’ tour and more. He’s now set to erupt onto the wider festival circuit this summer, bringing the Club Angel live show to bigger and bigger festival stages with upcoming performances at both Lost Paradise 2023 and Let Them Eat Cake NYD Festival across the New Year.

Of the new single, he shares: “In the midst of late nights and countless hours. Writing ‘Cry’ took me to the end of the earth and back, only to realise that the initial idea was all it needed to be. With bright soundscapes, R&B vocals and a driving polyrhythmic synth bass all wrapped in a shuffling 4×4 outfit, this is one to “cry” in the club to!”.

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Premiere: Alison Goldfrapp announces ‘The Love Reinvention’, a dancefloor reinterpretation of her debut solo album ‘The Love Invention’


Budding pop sensation Alison Goldfrapp’s debut LP delivered an exhilarating cocktail of synth-pop innovation with disco and house that her hypnotic vocals soar dreamily over. The Love Reinvention, set to air on December 8th, 2023 recontextualises these tracks in a space in which their dancefloor addictivity is balanced by an exploratory progressive streak. It sees two of the original album’s key contributors, Richard X and Ghost Culture (aka James Greenwood), reimagining the songs through a sonic prism of techno, electronica and deep house.

On November 10, 2023, Alison unveiled the project’s first track ‘Every Little Drop‘, a radical rework of the tender SLoFLo’ – thumping techno beats, pulsing bass and euphoric synths add a sensual, electrifying new dimension to the original, simmering with drama and decadence. 

Alison divulged: The Love Reinvention turns my solo album The Love Invention on its head, its feet are now firmly placed on the dancefloor. The first taste of the reworked album is ‘Every Little Drop’ which brings ‘SLoFLo’, into a whole new unexpected world. I’m absolutely loving this, I hope you do too.”

The Love Reinvention is now available to pre-save HERE.

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Icona Pop Drops New Dancefloor Heater ‘Fall in Love’


Image credit: via Publicist

Icona Pop’s latest single ‘Fall in Love’ is a track that will make you do just that. The final release from their upcoming album Club Romantech, out September 1st, shows off the duo’s more sensitive and melodic side – proving the incredibly eclectic and multi-faceted nature of this unique electronic dance pop group.

Stream / Download: Icona Pop – ‘Fall In Love’

When asked about the story behind their pulsating new summer single, the duo revealed “The track is kind of an experiment for us to play around with our poppier side; we wanted to play around with mixing up our lyrics, but approach the melody almost like you would with a sample, except it’s just us singing.”

This new release is only adding to the hype about their forthcoming sophomore studio album, Club Romantech which also includes the tracks ‘I Want You’ with Galantis and ‘You’re Free’ featuring Ultra Naté. Ten years after their worldwide hit I Love It (ft. Charlie XCX), Icona Pop is back with a versatile album, alternating between pop tunes with hard dance songs, and disguising complex emotions on uplifting electro-pop beats.