The Chainsmokers – Dynamic duo release new EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ & launch three official videos + lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.


GRAMMY® Award-winning and chart-topping artist/producer duo The Chainsmokers proudly present their brand new No Hard Feelings EP, out now via RCA Records UK.The Chainsmokers set the scene for No Hard Feelings with Addicted (with Zerb and Ink), which has over 37 Million streams to date and currently sits at #5 on the Dance Airplay chart. They followed with the release of Friday with GRAMMY® nominated R&B singer and songwriter Fridayy, which UPROXX said “feels like waking up on a Friday morning and remembering it’s Friday”, and added that “The Chainsmokers still know how to make a banger.

With No Hard Feelings, Alex and Drew made a conscious decision to hyper focus on the dancefloor and leveled up once again with a set of 6 club-ready anthems. Throughout the project, they conjure the high-octane energy of their early days with a keen sense of refinement and experience. Celebrating the new EP, the guys have released official videos for new tracks ‘Bad Advice’ with Elio, ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Green Lights (demo)’, all of which bring them back to the snowy mountain landscape. Plus, a special lyric video for new single ‘No Shade at Pitti’.

On the single ‘No Shade At Pitti’, neon keys chime above the murmur of a warbling bassline and nostalgic verses before a frenetic dancefloor-ready beat takes hold. On the other end of the spectrum, guitars and smoky keys simmer beneath the surface of the buoyant ‘Bad Advice’, which features ethereal vocals from Canadian pop artist Elio. Glitchy claps and a glistening loop volley across ‘Tennis Court’, while warm lo-fi electro tones glow through emotionally charged verses on ‘Green Lights.’

Check out the videos…

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