Interview with ‘Candide’ producer Hologramme

Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies
Hologramme, Camden Cox, James Carter, Lost Frequencies

Image credit: Jean-François Sauvé

Today we are sharing an interview with Société Holographique de Montréal-label founder and Dance music producer Hologramme. The producer recently performed at the Timeless Festival in South Africa and will be showcasing his live set at Piknic Electronik in Montreal, Canada, this June. Speaking of things done lately, the label owner released an emotive single titled ‘Candide’ along with a live acoustic video performance of the track. Mentioning an album in the works, he told us more:

Stream / Download: Hologramme – ‘Candide’

If any, what strange sound design/effect trick did you use in ‘Candide’?

There are sooo many layers in this song! Everything you hear is analog. Every synth is played and not quantized. Most of the percussion was recorded. The delays are from my Roland space echo re-301 and reverbs from my AMS reverb.

How did this new song come about?

This song is part of my upcoming album, it was produced in front of the Saint-Lawrence River in Trois-Pistoles. It comes from a lot of fun playing with analog instruments and from a lot of emotions as well.

Where do you find inspiration for your sound?

I’d like to tell you that I listen to a ton of music, but the truth is that I try to forget about everything I know when I create. I just try to find the most authentic feeling I have and me and create around that.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Do your thing; don’t listen to anybody and stay authentic. There is so much music out there, you don’t want to sound like someone else. Stay unique and relevant. Even if people don’t understand, stay true to yourself.

What is the craziest or best thing that has happened to you as an act/artist so far?

I once saw the bridge of Montreal illuminate on my music. That was kind of special. Seeing your music on films from Hollywood can also be heartwarming. After that, the most special thing is seeing people connect with your sound and feeling all the emotions you’ve put into it. Playing live is the ultimate connection with your audience.

Describe your ideal live-set.

That’s a hard one. I’m hesitating between an abandoned factory in Berlin with a crazy staging and light setup at midnight before Fourtet or Jamie xx or on a beach somewhere in Zanzibar at sunset playing an experimental set with tons of synths.

If you were to organise a festival, who would be on your dream line up (alive or dead)

Wow ok. The Woodstock set/band of Miles Davis playing Bitches Brew. Caribou. Gorillaz. 4 am Charlie Parker Solo set. Mount Kimbie. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphonic Orchestra. Kiasmos. Photay. Rival Consoles. Fauve. Thelonius Monk trio. Sébastien Tellier. Feu! Chatterton, and Childish Gambino just to name a few.

What mood are you trying to evoke with your music?

A danceable sadness.

What inspires you outside of music?

Architecture, design, food, and love.

If it was your last day on Earth, and you knew it. What would you do?

Record every idea that is in my head on piano/synths and then cook for all my friends & family.

Say something inspirational to your fans in closing.

There is only one purpose in life and it’s to learn. Once you stop learning you stop living. Stay far from egos, from ready-to-think ideas, make your own, and stay kind. It will pay off.

Hologramme Tour Dates 2023:

June 25th – Piknic Electronik – Montreal, Canada

Watch Hologramme’s ‘Candide’ live acoustic video below:

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