DJ G-String’s ‘No One Ever Said with Honey B Sweet’ gets an energetic dance-pop remix

Robin Schulz, Klingande,Bakermat, DJ G-String
Robin Schulz, Klingande,Bakermat, DJ G-String

DJ G-String has just released another dance-floor thumper (following previous track Your Love’) and we are seriously excited about it. ‘No One Ever Said (feat. Honey B Sweet)’ is a powerhouse collab between two fierce femme fatales and the remix is just as good as the original. Complete with honeyed vocals and high energy instrumentals, we’re returned to the world of live sets, intertwined crowd and the unmistakable smell of sweat in the air.

Stream / Download: ‘No One Ever said with Honey B Sweet (Dance Pop Remix)’

Lyrically the track speaks of heartache, but this dancefloor-vixen has channelled those feelings into a catchy remix and sheer banging-to-the-beat abandon. Here the  artist fine-tunes her blend of sassy attitude, dropping just the right sounds to keep club kids stomping all night long

This remix was inspired by listening to deep house music actually. I wanted a chill feel approach but still some pop style as well. I also wanted to incorporate my 80’s style synths to it as well, so I think it turned out well.”

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Image credit: ​​Niko Menko