Musical cocktail release for French-Touch producer CruSz

CruSz, Daft Punk, Siriusmo, DJ Premier, Demon.

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French-Touch producer CruSz is set to release his latest EP, Okay Boomerz along with the video for the title track, on the 19th March via Enchanté Records. The up-tempo underground electro beats will keep you rocking as the EP was mastered by non-other than Alex Gopher. CruSz, having been on the underground Parisian club scene since 1998, his previous hit album, Whispering XXI, also mastered by Alex Gopher was an ultimate gift from above. In what could be described as a potential chart-topper, Okay Boomerz has an unconventional and in-your-face snarky humour that most definitely gets your juices flowing, as it carries you on a surreal journey of guaranteed music awesomeness. 

Despite the producer having lain low for a while, his latest offering has some essence of Daft Punk in it, adding a dash of Eurythmics, while adding a touch of Etienne de Crecy in order to make for a formidable cocktail of sounds that takes you on an incredible musical journey. Proving to be an earworm, the EP surely makes for a good summer throwdown, whilst having you dance your ass off. It calls to mind the party Island of Ibiza, where CruSz’s latest offering will surely go down well.  

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